Facebook is NOT Dead!

A few months ago while sitting in on a presentation, the speaker, a professional in social media, explained that Facebook was, for all intents and purposes, dead.  Now, I don't do a perfect job at staying on top of all the internet news and information, so this came as quite a shock to me. This person then went on [...]

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it’s not all about you

Within the past month, I have posted several blogs on the topic of Facebook and its application in the world of business including our first post, "so you have a facebook page" which gave hints and tips on how to build your "audience;" "top 10 facebook benefits for businesses" (self explanitory); and "using facebook as [...]

top 10 facebook benefits for businesses

10.  Establish a rapport with your existing & potential clients (aka “fans”) develops trust. 9.  Expand e-news database by providing newsletter signup on your page 8.  Ask other professionals that are experts in complimenting businesses to post a link to a blog/article they have written to your page develops a more meaningful relationship with your [...]

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your grandma’s branding

I have been paying a lot of attention lately to how businesses brand themselves.  Who am I kidding?  I ALWAYS pay attention to branding.  Something that I thought of was how all business owners could probably learn a lesson from their grandma.  Well, at least they could learn from mine. Like most women (and men, [...]

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are you aware?

Ok, so this is going to be a bit "off-topic."  Nevermind, it's going to be COMPLETELY off topic, but I think you'll understand the significance of it all. Last Friday was the first day of October and October is breast cancer awareness month.  People all over the nation are thinking PINK. I have always thought [...]

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