This post is a companion piece to the blog just posted a few days ago, top 10 facebook benefits for businesses

First, I recommend you use your personal Facebook page for personal business and “Fan” pages SOLELY for business. Connecting with business connections is ok on your personal page as long as you are ok with them seeing your personal “business.”

Now, this is assuming that you have already gone through the process of creating a Facebook business page. If not, click here and complete that process. It is really quite simple and is as user-friendly as it was to create your personal page. Do understand that you have to have a personal account on Facebook to create a business page. Also, you will automatically be the “Admin” of your business page. I will show you how to assign other admins after this section.

Once your Business (aka “Fan”) page, you will be able to choose whether you want to use Facebook as YOU, personally, or as your business. If you are using Facebook as YOU, when you “share” or “like” posts, you will do so in your personal name. If you use Facebook as your business, when you “share” or “like” posts, you will do so in your business name. NOTE: Anytime you post or share ON your Facebook business page, regardless of if you are using Facebook as YOU or your business, the post will be from your business.

Ok, now back “on topic.”

Go TO your Fan page. If you have several Fan pages, go to the one that you are currently wanting to post, comment or share as. On the RIGHT side, there is an option that says, “Use Facebook as

[insert your business fan page name here].” See the GREEN star below for the location on the page. NOTE: If you haven’t updated your page to the new layout, you may not see this option. Update your page to the new layout NOW. (The option to do so is typically at the top of your page until you do.)

That is all you need to do!! Now you should be able to go to other Facebook pages and make posts or comments as your business. You should be able to “share” links, posts, etc. on your business page as your business.

Let’s say you don’t have time or the desire to manage your business page, or perhaps you want another person on your team to help you out.

To assign them as an “admin” on a page, YOU have to be an admin on the page first. Then, make sure that they are a “Fan” on the page that you want them to be an admin on. Finally, from the business page that you want them to be an admin, on the left side of the page it says how many people “like” your page. The “like this page” is a hyperlink that pops up a list of fans. (see the green star in the image below) Click on “like this page.” Once the fan list pops up, you will be able to click a box that says “Make an Admin” next to the person that you want to make an admin.

Make sure that you TRUST the person that you are making an admin, as they will have the same rights and privledges on the fan page as you do!!

That’s it! Hopefully, this mini tutorial will help make managing your Facebook business page a little easier!