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In 1999, after spending two years learning, studying and playing in the world of website design and development, Ginasis Web Site Creation, LLC was launched by Gina (Madison) Jacquart.  A graduate of Kansas State University’s College of Business, Gina knows the greatest success for any organization will be the ability to keep up with the ever-changing facets of the Internet.

Though Gina enjoys providing most of the services Ginasis offers herself, she does employ programmers and professional writers should the need arise. What differentiates Ginasis from most website design/development companies is the overall understanding of business dynamics and marketing. Ginasis doesn’t just provide websites, but sound marketing input and advice for your online marketing presence. From Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Strategies, Gina has internet knowledge and experience in all the right places.

What makes Ginasis unique?

Simply put — what differentiates us is compassion.  We care about you, your business and your success.  It’s not just about making money, it’s about creating your dream of a successful business.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design & Development 100
SEO – SEM 95
Social Media Management 95
Graphic Design 55
WordPress 90

Meet Gina

Gina (Madison) Jacquart
Gina (Madison) JacquartHead Geek in Charge
Gina is the SEO and lead website design and developer. She is also in charge of social media management, digital marketing strategizing, SEO and PPC.

When I was little I wanted to be:
A Teacher

My favorite movie:
Movie?  Are we even able to go back to the movies?  In seriousness, this is tricky because I’m not a fan of picking favorites, but I’ll say I do love Titanic.

Favorite way to unwind:
Listening to music (headphones) while cooking.  Oh, and I love to meditate, or as some call it pray, while others simply call it being still. Add a nice candle with ambient music and, ahhhhh… (and WINE)

Significant people:
My husband. My boys, both in college.  My family: mom, step-dads, sisters, brother.  ALL of them!  My friends. My dogs (hey, they THINK they’re people). Ok, let’s just say I have a lot of significant people in my life.

Bravest thing I’ve ever done:
I would say jumping out of an airplane at 15,000 feet, but sometimes I think becoming a mom was even more brave.


I know very little about wine, and less about cigars, but I do consider myself a bit of an internet aficionado (aka geek). I have run a website design and development business for 22+ years, helping 100’s of businesses find their way onto the internet via websites, e-commerce, internet marketing, graphic design and social media management.   I am Google AdWords & Analytics Certified and also have a certification in Social Media Marketing.  Accomplished and energetic, with a solid history of achievement in business development, I am a motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities.

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