Ok, so this is going to be a bit “off-topic.”  Nevermind, it’s going to be COMPLETELY off topic, but I think you’ll understand the significance of it all.

Last Friday was the first day of October and October is breast cancer awareness month.  People all over the nation are thinking PINK.

I have always thought pink, but want to share how my shade of pink got a bit more intense not long ago.

It was Junish of 2009.  I had had my regular mammogram and had been asked to come back for a follow up.  I’m used to them finding slight abnormalities, as they found their first about 5 years before 2009.  That said, I wasn’t concerned.

Then, it happened, the nurse came out and explained that the radiologist was recommending a biopsy and that he would come and explain the procedure and the reason for concern.

I was quite calm, surprisingly.

Then, as he was explaining everything, the room started to darken.  He walked away, leaving me with the nurse and the room went black. I started to faint.

It took me almost 2 hours to get out of that Dr.’s office.  Maybe this makes me a wimp, but I had a lot of other things going on in my life at the time and this pretty much sent me over the top.

My biopsy turned out fine, but it had a 1 in 5 chance of not. (Many thanks to my sister, Jana, for coming to be with me before, during and after the surgery.)

One of my good childhood friends is a breast cancer survivor.  Another good friend is watching her mother suffer at the tail end of her breast cancer battle.  Still others share their mastectomy and biopsy stories with me.

As I give thanks for my biopsy results, I have decided that Ginasis will be giving a portion of October’s income to the Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City Foundation.