Within the past month, I have posted several blogs on the topic of Facebook and its application in the world of business including our first post, “so you have a facebook page” which gave hints and tips on how to build your “audience;” “top 10 facebook benefits for businesses” (self explanitory); and “using facebook as your business,” which was more of a how-to guide. 

Now that the ground work is layed, it’s time to face the truth of social media ~ IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! (that’s right, I said it!)

Part of what makes social media such a good medium for businesses is that it gives businesses a platform to cross-promote.  Perhaps a friend or a contact from your Networking group has expanded their business.  This is a perfect time to SHARE that information on your Facebook page.  Or, maybe you did business with one of the businesses on your “like” list, use that opportunity to share your thoughts with others.  Perhaps you just did business with someone on YOUR “like” list.  It is ok for you ask THEM to post something on their page about their experience.

Whatever the case, when sharing or mentioning others, make sure to use the @ sign.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with this little tip, it is what allows people to “link” to pages within their posts without all of the URL info. Simply start typing your comment then, when you get to the part that you want to mention the name, click the @ sign then start typing the name of the business (without spaces). 

[NOTE: You must first LIKE whomever or whatever business you are mentioning for this to work properly.]  As you type, Facebook will automatically suggest names or businesses that fit with what you are typing.  See below:

Simply click on the name from the drop down menu that you are trying to mention?  If you don’t find the name, chances are you aren’t spelling it right or they aren’t on your “like” list so you might want to make sure you have that lined out BEFORE you make your post.

Hope this little tip was useful.  If you have questions or suggestions regarding any of the information from this blog, or any of the ones previously posted, please feel free to email me and I will be glad to post a tutorial or answer your question(s).