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it’s not all about you

Within the past month, I have posted several blogs on the topic of Facebook and its application in the world of business including our first post, "so you have a facebook page" which gave hints and tips on how to build your "audience;" "top 10 facebook benefits for businesses" (self explanitory); and "using facebook as [...]

where are the customers?

I see it happen time and time again.  Maybe it has happened to you/your business? You work really hard building a website, but you don't have the customers you thought you would.  Afterall, YOU are excited about your product/service, shouldn't everyone else be? You built it ~ why didn't they come? There are two primary [...]

how internet copy affects your bottom line

Though I originally wrote this article six years ago (yes, I said SIX), I found the contents to still be relevent to today's internet marketing strategies. I had written the article after teaching a seminar titled "Marketing Your Website." The topic of Net Copywriting was an integral part of this seminar. Net Copywriting is the [...]

what makes you #1?

I had one of my long-time clients tell me this week that another website development company had explained to her that, if her site is done “right” then she could be #1 on Google within a month. Have you been told the same? Just as your stomach growls when you are hungry, so does your [...]

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