I see it happen time and time again.  Maybe it has happened to you/your business?

You work really hard building a website, but you don’t have the customers you thought you would.  Afterall, YOU are excited about your product/service, shouldn’t everyone else be? You built it ~ why didn’t they come?

There are two primary reasons that sales (or “leads” as some might call it) on the Internet don’t live up to expectations.

ONE:  You aren’t ranked well on search engines. (when people search, they don’t SEE you)


TWO: Your website isn’t really a “selling machine.”

Let’s look at number ONE.  What happens when you put all of that energy into your site and NOTHING happens?  No one “finds” you.  Obviously, you need to adopt some type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. 

You can hire a SEO company to review your site and give you recommendations, and/or you can employ a few of these ideas FIRST:

1) Create a website with relevant content that supports your business. If you sell cars, include car buying tips, car maintenance schedules, car reviews, etc. 

2) Create a community of and for your customers/clients: 

  • Start and MAINTAIN a Facebook and Twitter page
  • Write relevant blogs and publish them on a regular basis.
  • Send e-newsletters with relevant information.  (don’t send newsletters for the sake of sending a newsletter)

3) Find a free website graders on the internet, input your site and get some free advice.  There are a lot of these, and I’ve found several to be a relatively decent source of input/advice.

There are a lot of other ways to help improve your search engine ranking.  The common thread is provide a lot of information and resources that are RELAVENT to your product/service.

At Ginasis, we have been optimizing websites for well over 10 years, and we optimize every site that we create. 

So, what if you have done all of these things and your website is ranked well but you are STILL not getting sales.  Stay tuned for the next blog where we will explore some ideas to help make your website a “selling machine.”