Ok, so it’s been years and years since we have sent a newsletter and we never even started a blog.  It’s not because we are lazy or negligent, we were just at a time in our business where growth wasn’t as important as sustaining our existing clients.

So, what is the latest news in the world of the internet? Some say that the face of the world wide web changes almost as quickly as Imelda Marcos changes her shoes, but over the years I have noticed that the changes are slow and steady. It never seems to be “too late” to jump on the band wagon of the “latest and greatest.”

Probably the most evolved aspect of the internet since I last wrote is the face of what is called Social Media. Social media started with blogs several years ago. Quickly, the best Search Engine Optimizers recommended to their clients to start a blog. Many blogs have been abandoned over the years, or perhaps never even populated with anything past the first post. However, blogs are still a very viable tool for getting your name and your business in the face of the public.

It doesn’t stop there…first came blogging, then came twitter and facebook.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t really like Twitter, so you won’t see me tooting its horn here.  However, I have gotten to where I see the importance of a facebook fan page.  I see the importance so well, that we now have a Fan Site.  Click here to join us!

What is your favorite internet marketing strategy and why?