Main Street Salon

Website Development Suggestion When you're a new business, a website can feel like a daunting task.  Don't be afraid to ask how to get started.  At Ginasis, we don't expect you to come to us with all of the information that we need to get started on your project. All we ask is that you

All About Autism

Social Media Suggestion Just because you have a personal Facebook page, doesn't mean you are a social media pro.  At minimum, you should be posting on your social media sites at least twice per week, and people like it when you get personal.  Afterall, what is it they say? "All work and no play..." Once


Website Design Suggestion Stock photos are fine, but sometimes they aren't appropriate.  For example, if your business uses a specific machine to provide your trademark service, then a stock photo of a similar machine would probably not be appropriate.  Go the extra mile!

Olathe Glass

Internet Marketing Suggestion When you have a specific type of product that you're selling, you need to keep the internet visuals fresh and up to date.  It's worth it to have fresh photography, as then your customers always know what you have in your store. We're not talking shopping cart images here, as oftentimes storefronts

A-1 Coatings Painting

Website Development Lesson Building a website from the ground up can be tedious and is time-consuming. You have to think of it as training for your front desk staff who is a available to customers, 24-7-365. You have to step out of your own head and look thru the eyes of someone who knows nothing